New Audient ASP4816-HE

Big Sound, Small Footprint
New look and some interesting features

New Lynx LM-A24 & LM-A4

Break your limits with the new add-on LM Cards.

Park Audio

Ukranian🤍 power amplifiers are back on our website

Antelope Audio OFFER

Get FREE Microphones, Effects & DAW FREE

Acoustic Engineering, Newell Design

Leaders conditioning and soundproofing

Authorised Tech Service

In all our brands distributed

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We materialize your dreams…
with the best acoustics and design from the hands of:
*Philip Newell
*Julius Newell
*Reflexion Arts


Reflexion Arts new distribution brand


The most sought after monitors for studios

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Lynx at the NAMM 2022

Lynx at the NAMM 2022

News from NAMM 2022: If you're building your studio around a 16-channel converter – such as the Lynx Aurora (n) – and your intention is to mix...

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