Lewitt Audio

2 Years of Warranty!!!

Lewitt Audio is a microphone company based in Vienna, Austria. It stands for high performance microphones designed to offer unaltered and authentic sound in memorable recordings.

Each studio recording, each performance and each voice is unique, so Lewitt Audio emphasizes that uniqueness with an authentic and unaltered sound. The microphones meet the highest expectations of sound professionals who expect outstanding performance in live and studio performances. The exclusive use of high-quality components and advanced technological features ensure that microphones capture all sonic details while discriminating against all undesirable sounds.

Lewitt Audio, with a wide range of microphones oriented according to the user´s needs, is always a step forward in the industry. Micros with valves, FET, condenser and dynamics without forgetting the digital ones that open a horizon of possibilities to record on the spot all the details around us. Lewitt Audio supports music fans, artists and audio engineers around the world to get the best out of every creative idea and every project, with microphones that set new standards in terms of sound quality, technology and reliability.

Leaders in the field of science and audio technology offer products that give a distinctive and incomparable sound. Even the most economical microphones of this company are designed to make available to all innovative and durable products with which the most perfectionists of sound can feel free to create and not limit the imagination.

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