Neva Audio

Neva Audio was established in St. Petersburg in January 1991. High sound quality and high reliability have been the company’s main philosophy. Vladimir Rataev, technical director of Neva Audio, has more than 40 years of experience as an amplifier designer. For his innovative contribution he has received 20 author certificates (essentially, patents valid in the territory of the former Soviet Union), a gold medal, two silver and the bronze medal of the All-Union Exhibition of Industrial Achievements, as well as the gold medal of the International Exhibition of Leipzig. When the iron curtain fell, its amplifier “Korvet-88” appeared in the American magazine “Fortune” in an enthusiastic publication titled “Stereo brute from Russia”, written by Walter Schoffeld of “Cambridge Soundworks”. Surprised he wrote: ” “It’s a brute. Its bass is absolutely tremendous”.

The company has been focused on the development and production of professional amplifiers that had as first customers the State Television and Broadcasting Company (Gosteleradio) or the Popov Institute. The recognition in the West came in 1994, when Audionet, a company in the United Kingdom that has been in the genesis of Reflexion Arts – and this later – began distributing the brand throughout the world.

“My business contacts with Russia were established from the moment I heard the amplifiers from Neva Audio. I started using them on all my monitor systems not because their price was twice cheaper than similar Western models, but because they sounded twice better... ” Philip Newell, studio designer, Show-Master magazine

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