Neumann Audio since its founding in 1928 has been considered, worldwide, as the leading manufacturer of studio microphones that has set the standards. It’s hard to imagine a professional recording studio without a Neumann microphone. Many products introduced in the history of the company have become legends of technology. It is no accident that, when listing the equipment, recording studios almost always put Neumann microphones at the top of the list as they are a sign of recognized professionalism.

On the rare occasions when maintenance is required, the Berlin factory repairs all its microphones produced since the Second World War, utilizing the original spare parts. This is a promise of maintenance that is difficult to match and an obsolescence-proof guarantee, which gives the customer the security of acquiring a product with unsurpassed sound quality, reliability and lasting value, an investment that typically survives several generations of sound engineers

Neumann microphones are not cheap but professionals know, from daily experience, that they are worth what they cost.

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