Burl Audio

Burl Audio is a manufacturer of high-end AD and DA converters, in addition to previous microphone. Rich Williams, its founder confesses to aim for Burl Audio to be the “Neve” or the “Studer” of the near future.

Rich, like many other engineers, has been “within the audio” in a multidisciplinary way. In addition to his degree in computer engineering, being a musician of a psychedelic rock band and getting his first job in Silicon Valley developing video compression, he enrolled at the California CRI, where he first put his hands on a Neve console and a Studer multitrack.

At his early twenties he set up his “home studio” which, soon after became the Paradise Studios, where he did not stop working until the owners of the farm decided to sell it.

He accepted work at E-Mu / Ensonic and, when Creative bought it he went to Universal Audio, to design his first converters. From his contact with John Henson, a specialist in highly dynamic analog circuits, his ideas were born to create an A-D converter with unique characteristics: The B2 Bomber A-to-D, which would evolve into Mothership.

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