Trident Audio

Trident Audio has always strived to bring the best of what you’ll get from expensive consoles in an affordable package for all studios.

In 1980 the first Series 80 Console was released and quickly because Trident Audio is most successful console. The Series 80 was followed by the Trimix and then the revered Series 80B console was released in 1983. The 80B’s became one of the most popular consoles at the time. Offering many options and configurations at a price point that made Trident console the most competitive option of the time.

The Series 80B established itself as a world renowned console not only because of its features, but especially because of its EQ. The 80B EQ is considered one of the best EQ’s, especially for rock. The list of artist and album’s cut on 80B’s is so extensive we hardly even have a complete list ourselves. As a testament to the consoles, the 80B’s still remain in demand and working to this day.

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