Shure Incorporated was founded by S.N. Shure in 1925. In the beginning it started selling kits to make radios. In the 1930s, factory-built radios were launched and the Company became the exclusive distributor for a small microphone manufacturer.

In the 40s, hired by the US government, began manufacturing specialized microphones for military tanks, ships, and airplanes. To comply with military specifications, rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures were adopted to ensure that the products would withstand the rigors of battle. These practices are still maintained today, making Shure products legendary for their robustness and reliability.

After the war, the brand remanufactured civil products. The product lines expanded to serve the growing industries of live sound reinforcement, recording and, mainly radio and television. More recently, it has developed innovative technologies in wireless networks, audio networks and personal listening products.

Shure was there when Elvis entered Sun Studios, and when JFK promised to put a man on the moon. He has been in the greatest stages of the world, from the GRAMMY® to the Oval Office, since then.

With a history of innovation and excellence in audio, Shure has turned the passion to make great microphones and audio electronics into an obsession. No wonder Shure continues to set the global industry standard for superior microphones and audio electronics.

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