The film Oppenheimer by Cristopher Nolan, released on July 21st, 2023, sweeps the 96th edition of the Oscars with 13 nominations and finally 7 golden statuettes, including best Film, Actor, Supporting Actor, Director, Photography, Editing and as it could not fail to be, for Best Soundtrack to Ludwig Göransson. It is this last award that we will focus on in this news.

Composer Ludwig Göransson has achieved widespread worldwide recognition, both in the recording and film industries, winning multiple awards, from Grammys, to Emmys, to the Oscars. Together with his long-time collaborator and engineer, Chris Fogel, they immerse themselves in the composition, recording and mixing of this iconic soundtrack, focusing on the song “Can you Hear The Music.”


Chris Fogel with his Rupert Neve Designs rack

And this is where Rupert Neve Designs comes in, expressing on social media their congratulations to Chris Fogel, who is pictured beside his Rupert Neve rack:

Big congratulations to RND customer Chris Fogel, Chris Fogel, who recorded and mixed the Oscar-winning ‘Oppenheimer’ score. He’s shown here with his rack of 9x Shelford 5052 mic preamp + inductor EQ modules, topped with a 5059 Satellite.

Pre-amps and Summing by Rupert Neve

We cannot finish this good news without talking to you about these highly sought-after models in the current industry:

Shelford 5052 Mic Pre/Inductor EQ: Reproduces the characteristics of the famous 1073 module, but revisited and modernized. It is a mic preamp with a high-pass filter and a 3-band inductor equalizer with the variable Silk/Texture control quite common on the Portico II series. Delivers a warm and detailed sound.

Oppenhaimer5059 Satellite: Of course, a great high-end 16-channel summing device, in 2U of rack space, with completely independent channels. It has level and texture control for two separate mixes and double stereo output, guaranteeing perfect results.


It is not surprising that Rupert Neve Designs brings his magic to the above mentioned recording, since the quality of the brand and its vintage sound are behind more and more great musical productions. Of course, congratulations to the entire Oppenheimer team too and especially to Rupert Neve Designs for the excellent news. We leave you with Oppenheimer’s soundtrack. Hope you’ll enjoy it!