We are very pleased to announce the release of new Lewitt CONTROL CENTER for the CONNECT 6, LEWITT’s dual-USB C audio interface with included DSP for flexible routing and onboard effect processing.

CONTROL CENTER is the LEWITT software that allows you to control all parameters of the CONNECT 6 — including hardware input/output channels, DSP-effects, three virtual stereo channels, two independent mix busses, and a loopback channel.

  • Some of the new features of Lewitt improved CONTROL CENTER include:
  • Optimized auto-setup experience with extended options to customize your latency-free signal chain
  • Stereo-link for the two input channels to easily dial in the right parameters for stereo synths and recordings.
  • Smooth window resizing to fit any screen size
  • Relative fader link for the adjustment of levels without changing the A/B mix, bringing more convenience to your streaming setup

Finally, as part of our steadfast commitment to improving both our products and the experience of LEWITT customers, the software release is also accompanied by a new firmware version which solves several issues highlighted by end users since the CONNECT 6’s release.

Lewitt Connect 6 Connect boasts two low-noise mic preamps with a healthy 72dB of gain, along with two individual headphones outputs, and a generous cache of exciting features. Potent hardware-based DSP enables high-powered routing, mixing, monitoring, and zero-latency effects. You also get an Auto Setup function for hassle-free optimization for any sound source.

More information about Lewitt Connect 6 and price here