BAE Audio

BAE Audio is a manufacturer of high-end microphone preamp modules, equalizers and compressors, using a topology as faithful as possible to vintage designs from the 1970s and earlier. With its inclination to use high quality transformers such as Carnhill (St lves) and Jensen, everything is as close to vintage philosophy as possible. Not only that, but, in BAE, everything is wired and soldered using discrete electronics and is not economized on a circuit board.

BAE 1073 and 1084 pre-equalizers are one of the best examples, while now they are also dedicated to modules compatible with API 500 Series racks.

Originally they were called Brent Averill Enterprises, because the engineer Brent Averill has been its founder. They were fundamentally dedicated, like many other small companies like that, to the recovery of old modules of other brands with pedigree. When Brent retired, leaving the company in 2007, Mark Laughman – who was already running BAE for years – took the spotlight and changed its designation for British Audio Engineering. The initials of the name were thus maintained.

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