BAE R53CS Channel Strip, Rack & modules

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Rack 19″ for 500 Series 3 units (BAE 312A Mod Pre-amp, BAE G10 graphic EQ & BAE 500C compressor FET). PSU included

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The BAE R53CS Channel Strip accommodates any three 500 series units (BAE 312A Mod Pre-amp, BAE G10 graphic EQ & BAE 500C compressor FET) in a single rack space thanks to its horizontal configuration, and eliminates studio clutter with a built-in power supply. Switchable linking on the front of the unit allows users to pass signal from one slot to the next, allowing the creation of a customized channel strip by cascading a preamp into an EQ into a compressor.

BAE R53CS Channel Strip:

BAE R53 rack Features:

  • Strong steel chassis – not aluminum
  • Shielded wires on individual connectors for serviceability – no PCBs
  • XLR inputs and outputs
  • Built-in power supply
  • Available too without modules BAE R53 rack

BAE 312A Mod Features:

The BAE 312A MOD mic preamps made using the new Avedis 1122 opamps are punchy, have great bass and have a clear, extended top end.

  • Phase reverse switch
  • 20 db pad
  • Same Jensen input and output transformers as vintage modules
  • All handwired – handsoldered in California USA
  • Modules plug into API compatible lunchboxes and racks
  • Made using Avedis 1122 opamps
  • Can be phantom powered if your rack has a 48v power supply.
  • Switches have gold contacts for long life
  • High impedance direct input for guitar and synthesizer
  • 500 Series

BAE G10 Features:

The BAE G10 10-Band Equalizer with Balanced Input and Output and Hi/Low-Pass Filters Is the Ultimate Hands-On Sound Shaping Tool for Tracking, Mixing, or Mastering.

  • Complies with 500 Series Specification for mechanical and electrical interface
  • +/- 12dB Boost/Cut @ 31Hz, 63Hz,125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz, 8KHz, 16KHz
  • Individually Selectable LPF @ 12KHz, and HPF @ 80Hz (approx. 6 and 10 dB per octave, respectively)
  • EQ In/Out Select Switch (bypasses EQ and Filters)
  • Fully enclosed ventilated steel enclosure
  • CineMag transformer balanced in/out
  • Top quality components used throughout

BAE 500C Features:

Based on the design of studio staple FET compressors of the ’60s and ’70s heard on countless hit records, the Bae 500C FET compressor features controls for input and output gain, plus the four selectable, time-honored compression rations of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1.

  • FET gain reduction
  • Three 2520 style opamps
  • Transformer coupled output
  • Feedback style peak limiter
  • SC HPF
  • Hard bypass
  • Gain Reduction on/off
  • Comp ratios: 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, ABI
  • ABI All Buttons In
  • Fully enclosed
  • High quality components throughout
  • 500 Series

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