BAE R53 Rack 19″ 3U 500 Series

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Rack 19″ for 500 Series 3 units. PSU included

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The BAE R53 Rack accommodates any three 500 series units in a single rack space thanks to its horizontal configuration, and eliminates studio clutter with a built-in power supply. Switchable linking on the front of the unit allows users to pass signal from one slot to the next, allowing the creation of a customized channel strip by cascading a preamp into an EQ into a compressor. The R53 also sports the same rugged construction as BAE Audio’s larger 500 series racks.

BAE R53 Rack Features:

  • Strong steel chassis – not aluminum
  • Shielded wires on individual connectors for serviceability – no PCBs
  • XLR inputs and outputs
  • Built-in power supply
  • Also available with three 500 Series modules BAE R53 Channel Strip

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