Signex was created in 1983 by Jonathan Finney to market a new design for an economical and decisive patch. The Isopatch had a huge success by increasing the number of connection jacks in the 1U rack space from 16 to 44.

Continuing the innovative design trend, MIDI, XLR and Universal panels were introduced , offering something new. These panels formed the basis of the CP series – A range of visually harmonized design panels that is now widely used throughout Europe. In 1990 the company introduced the Isopatch Bantam, combining the Isopatch design with the Bantam Jack standard. The Isopatch Bantam is now the most popular product in the catalogue and complements the other panels of the CP and PST series.

Today, Signex remains one of the few companies for which patchbays are not “just another line.”

The Isopatch range, mainly in its P (Palladium) version, is increasingly used in more demanding applications, including post-production, broadcast and sound reinforcement. The Isopatch Bantam is now being used by a number of high-end console manufacturers including Oram Pro and Geoffrey Daking Inc. The Signex name is now widely recognised as a proven range of patching products offering innovative design, quality construction and excellent value.

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