Quested was founded by Roger Quested in 1985 with the intention of building true reference studio monitors. However, the story goes back to the recording studios of the sixties, when Roger was an assistant engineer at Olympic studios and learned the art of recording by working with bands like the Rolling Stones during the recording sessions of the soundtrack for the Jumping Jack Flash movie.

Led Zeppelin 1, an album that has been in history for its incredible drum sound, was the first project of a complete album in which Roger worked as an assistant to Glyn Johns. By the way, Roger confirms that it was done using four microphones and not three.

Pink Floyd’s Obscured By The Clouds was the following and then The Kinks, Cat Stevens, Camel, etc.

Naturally, their concerns to improve listening to control rooms did the rest.

Today, Quested monitors are a true reference by which others are measured.

With 5 years warranty !!!!!

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