Lydkraft was founded in Denmark in 1977 by John G. Petersen (creator of Tube-Tech) and two partners. Originally the company was dedicated to the PA market, but moved away from this business area in 1980 when John Petersen was left alone, focusing his efforts in the design, development and manufacture of DIs, mixing tables and speaker systems.

In 1969 John studied electronic engineering at the Danish Post & Telegraph, in 1972 started to work for the Danish Broadcasting Company as a maintenance engineer. He was trained in the Solid State Logic, EMT, Studer, Sony, Neumann, NTP and Lyrec factories and designed the recording / playback amplifiers of the Lyrec multitracks.

During the early eighties, John encountered several classic, tube processors, such as Pultec equalizers or Teletronics compressors, LA2A. The quality and simplicity of these units fascinated John and motivated by the high-quality analog sound created TUBE-TECH

The first tube-based unit manufactured with the name of Tube-Tech was the PE 1A Program Equalizer in 1985. In John’s private garage was produced the first TUBE-TECH unit.

The PE1A Program EQ and ME1A Mid-Range EQ were almost a direct copy of the Pultec units, since John wanted this high-quality design to be available to a larger group of users in the studios.

Since then, the entire line of “classic” TUBE-TECH units has been designed from scratch by John G. Petersen.

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