Rupert Neve Design

Rupert Neve doesn´t need introduction. It is an icon of our industry. It is the Audio in person. He has been one of the pioneers in recording technology, and the sound of his designs has led to the cutting of countless albums in almost every conceivable musical genre. With over 80 years of experience in audio electronics design, Rupert Neve’s history spans the world; since he grew up in Buenos Aires before World War II, until the creation of the first “modern” recording consoles in England – and after his time in the British Navy as a volunteer – raising the design of analog circuits for the world digital in Texas and making dynamic differences compatible.

At 91, he has an endless history of projects, all preceded by the seal of quality and excellence: Neve, Focusrite, Summit Audio, Amek and finally Rupert Neve Design. His work focuses on the pursuit of perfection and each design exceeds the previous ones.

Rupert Neve Dedign manufactures a huge variety of microphone preamps, equalizers, compressors and mixers.

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