Rupert Neve 5088 Modular Analogue Mixer

Discreet Analogue Mixer



The circuit topology of the Rupert Neve 5088 is unprecedented. With custom transformers coupling every single input and output (including the inserts), the sweet musical performance and bulletproof isolation expected from a Rupert Neve design are assured: there is not a single compromised signal path in the entire console. For signal amplification and control, all new, high voltage, discrete op-amp cards have been developed specifically for the 5088 that eliminate crossover distortion while offering extended headroom, dynamic range, and frequency response.

Rupert Neve 5088 optional configurations:

  • VU Meterbridge: The meterbridge features finely calibrated and extremely precise meters for all input and group channels.
  • Portico Modules:
    • 5012 V: Dual Mic Preamp
    • 5015 V: Mic Preamp / compressor
    • 5032 V: Mic Preamp / EQ
    • 5033 V: 5 band EQ
    • 5042 V: True Tape Emulator
    • 5043 V: Dual Compressor
    • Shelford 5051: Inductor EQ / Compressor
    • Shelford 5052: Mic Preamp / Inductor EQ
  • Master Section: PPushbuttons let you choose between the transformer-coupled line input, the Portico bus, and tape inputs. This gives you the flexibility to easily bounce between tracking, overdubs, and mixing. A trim pot gives you +/-10dB of adjustment of the input channel. With SFP (Send Follows Pan) button makes the signal automatically mimic the channel’s pan setting
  • Group Section: Each of the four dual-group modules is endowed with a stereo effects return. Each group output has an insert switch, which when depressed brings the transformer-coupled insert’s send (always active) and return into the group signal path for processing.
  • Monitor Section: The master section gives you everything you need to keep an eye on the end result. A stereo VU meter watches your levels, and a talkback input lets you communicate with the live room.
  • Faders: Using the proprietary SwiftMix system, you get to mix with VCA-less 100mm motorized faders connected to your DAW via Ethernet.
  • Manual here

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