Violet Design

It is practically impossible to imagine today´s professional audio and recording industry without technological innovations introduced by Violet Design microphones. For end users, Violet’s vast experience in microphone technologies along with original and aesthetically distinct designs add up to unprecedented quality. All Violet Design microphones are handmade in Latvia. The company was founded in 2003 to facilitate the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Violet ™ and Flamingo ™ microphones.

The design of these microphones has been the exclusive responsibility of Juris Zarins and manufactured under his personal control. Juris, in the early 90s, restored vintage microphones like U47, M50, C12 and soon realized that the technology of the capsules could be improved even further. So, in 1997 he conceived a new generation of capsules.

Violet Design’s philosophy translates into the following sentence: “In the process of music recording the most important things are passion and inspiration and nothing should get in the way of these two” So with our ideology we rely on three simple points : excellent performance, easy to use, good design.

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