Drawmer Electronics

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Drawmer Electronics has been in our lives from many years ago. We have been listening to Drawmer for the past 30 years, almost every time we turn on the radio, watch television or go to a concert. Since the introduction of the DS201 noise gate in 1982 its products have been found installed in almost all major recording studios, live equipment or even radio and television stations worldwide.
Based in Yorkshire, England, Drawmer Electronics was founded by Ivor Drawmer, whose passion has always been the design of audio circuits. “It all started in 1981,” he explains. “I had been playing keyboards with bands in Yorkshire, but that was not going so well and I was not getting younger either. With the encouragement of friends I built a small batch of stereo delay lines, which I called Multitracker, and that was the beginning of Drawmer. ”

In 1982, Drawmer revolutionized the segment of “noise gates” by introducing the DS201 Dual Noise Gate, the world’s first “conscious frequency” noise gate.

Today, the brand offers a very wide range of equipment very useful for installers and sound engineers.

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