Magix with more than 15 million users worldwide has reached more than 1000 international awards. Laying foundations for more than 20 years, MAGIX has perfect solutions for the creation, design, presentation and solutions for video, music, photos, graphics and web pages, for both beginner and professional users, with an unbeatable value for money, exceptional ease of use and focused on continuous technological innovation.

Regarding the software for music recording and editing, Magix offers Sequoia, the most used for mastering for its unbeatable and undetectable “cross-fades”; Samplitude Pro, the same “audio engine” of his older brother, but more focused on multitrack recording and music creation and production, with a wide range of Hi-end quality plug-ins. Recently, the entire Sony audio and video family, where Vegas, Acid and Sound Forge stand out, incorporated the brand’s catalog, substantially expanding its offer.

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