Rupert Neve R6 Lunchbox 500 Series

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Six Space 500 Series Rack

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Rupert Neve R6 500 Series chassis is a 6-space steel rack with bumpers to support the unit in both horizontal and vertical configurations, and features a collapsable handle for portability. And of course, all connectors and fittings are of the very highest quality.. To ensure your modules are properly powered, the R6 has 150% of the required current, so you’ll never be underpowered. It also has a built-in LED display to show current consumption and a double-shielded internal power supply that won’t add any interference or unwanted noise to your signal.

With a plethora of connections available, the R6 backpanel is practically a patchbay on its own. The R6 features 8 channels of balanced I/O options including DB-25, XLR and TRS that may be used interchangeably. This versatility is especially handy when you are taking the R6 with you to another environment where you are unsure of the cables available, or if you need to convert DB-25, XLR or TRS connections to another format using the THRU functionality on channels 7-8.

Rupert Neve R6 Lunchbox Features:

  • Supplies 150% of the required current
  • LED current consumption meter displays available current
  • XLR, TRS, and DB-25 I/O
  • Variable-position screw holes make for quick and easy module insertion
  • Double-shielded internal power supply designed to avoid magnetic induction in module slots
  • Switchmode PSU with frequencies considerably outside audible band
  • Internal jumper configuration lets you link slots in pairs
  • Weight: 9.5lbs / 4,31Kg
  • Dimensions: 13” long x 7.5”wide x 5.5” high / 330 x 190 x 139mm
  • Also available in a 10U rack
  • Manual here


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