Rupert Neve 5059 Satellite 16×2+2 Summing Mixer

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16 x 2+2 Summing Mixer

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The Rupert Neve 5059 Satellite features 16 channels with individual level, pan, inserts, stereo-2 sends, and master texture controls, providing easy integration with outboard equipment, complete control for two separate stem mixes, and the ability to dial in analogue mojo in two modes. With the same sonic heritage as mixers used to create countless hit records, the 5059 Satellite Mixer imbues tracks with the legendary warmth and presence of a Rupert Neve design.

The Silk Red mode accentuates transformer saturation in the high and high-mid frequencies to amplify the vibrant midrange harmonics associated with Rupert’s vintage equipment, while Silk Blue accentuates saturation of the lows and low-mids to add thickness and weight to any source – especially useful for “thin-sounding” mixes. Unlike EQ, these Silk & Texture controls saturate the output transformers, and add highly musical harmonics to the source material according to the amount of Texture applied.

  • Texture: Continuously variable control for Silk and Silk+ modes allows the engineer to fine tune the harmonic ratio and tonality of both stereo outputs.
  • New Class-A Topologies: With zero crossover distortion and unmatched purity, the 5059 sets the standard for rack-mountable summing mixers
  • Custom Transformers: Beyond providing galvanic isolation, the custom transformers in the 5059 are a key ingredient to its larger than life sound.
  • Dual Stereo Outputs: Split the input channels into two stems for further processing and mixing.
  • Channel Level: Individual level controls are provided for each channel from -∞ to +10dB.
  • Channel Pan: Individual pan controls are provided on each channel of the 5059 with a 3dB pan law.
  • Master Output Level: Level controls are provided for each of the stereo outputs -∞ to 0dB.
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