MTR PB-96 48-way patchbay

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Balanced Audio Patchbay

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The MTR PB-96 is a 1U patchbay, for interfacing mixers, tape/hard disc recorders, outboard processors etc., has 48 top quality stereo jack sockets front and rear. Using mono jack plugs automatically un-balances the signal.

Patchbays increase the amount of cable in your system, and this makes hum and noise rejection even more important. A balanced patchbay works for unbalanced applications, but an unbalanced patchbay can never keep the hum and noise down.

Supplied ‘half-normaled’, easy un-normalising by reversing the pcb cards, or by cutting tracks. Connector lifetime: more than 10.000 plug-in/plug-out cycles.  No top-mounted switches that you can’t get to when the unit is installed, or fiddly solder pads. Weight 1.4Kg.

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