Burl Audio B22 ORCA for B80 & B16

Monitor controller module for Burl Audio B80 and B16 Mothership.

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Burl Audio B22 ORCA is the new monitor controller from Burl Audio. True to its reputation in sonic quality, this controller uses the same philosophy of analog and totally discrete circuits of Burl Audio equipment.

The B22 ORCA is compatible with B16 and B80 Motherships, offers a wide and deeper stereo image, while preserving the properties and harmonic balance of the sound source. The module offers 4 DAC channels, two of them with the already classic BX5 output transformers, and BURL NextGen BOPA14 operational. This new monitor controller in combination with the Burl Audio´s pre-amps and converters modules make up a premium channel strip for recording or mastering.

Burl Audio B22 ORCA Features:

  • 4 DAC channels
  • Discrete Class-A analog circuit
  • 2 DAC channels with switchable BX5 output transformer. Very useful to send signal to an external processor.
  • 2 stereo speaker outputs
  • 1 stereo headphone output
  • Analog output by Sub-D25 connector
  • You can find more technical details here.


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