Neumann M49V Set Reissue Tube Microphone

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Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone with Continuously Variable (Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Figure-8) Polar Pattern, External Power Supply, and Shockmount

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The Neumann M49V is a reissue of the M49. Introduced in 1951, the M49 revolutionized studio technology with its continuously variable, remote-switchable polar pattern. And, of course, with its incomparably full, silky sound, which has made its mark on countless recordings to this day. The M49V set is delivered in a high-quality case, which, like the entire microphone, is handmade in Germany. Limited edition with a monthly production of 25 units per month worldwide. Ideal for all types of musical instruments and male and female voices. Available at the end of the year under reservation. Delivery according to order.


Neumann M49V Features:

  • Reissue of the classic M 49 V with technical improvements throughout
  • Designed to original specifications using archived documentation
  • Superb reproduction of male and female vocals
  • Versatile microphone for all types of instruments
  • New power supply/pattern control unit automatically adapts to mains voltage
  • Acoustic operating principle: pressure gradient transducer
  • Polar pattern: continuously variable (omnidirectional, cardioid, figure-8)
  • Frequency response: 40Hz–16kHz
  • Sensitivity: 6.5/8/10 mV/Pa ±1dB
  • Rated impedance: 200 ohms
  • Rated load impedance: 1000 ohms
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR: 62/64/64dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted: 73/74/75dB
  • Equivalent noise level, CCIR: 32/30/30dB
  • Equivalent noise level, A-weighted: 21/20/19dB-A
  • Maximum SPL for THD 0.5%: 125dB (cardioid)
  • Maximum output voltage: 300 mV
  • Vacuum tube type: hand selected triode
  • Plate voltage: +120 V ±2%
  • Plate current: ≤1 mA
  • Heater voltage: +6.3 V ±2%
  • Heater current: ≤200 mA
  • Tube warm-up time: approx 1 minute
  • Required connector: 7-pin connector
  • Power supply: 100–120 V or 220–240 V, Max. 12 W consumption
  • Fuse: ⌀ 5mm × 20mm, 500 mA, slow-blow
  • Handcrafted and hand soldered by Neumann engineers in Germany
  • Includes NM V power supply/pattern control unit, KC 5 cable, and MZ 49 A shockmount

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