Lynx Hilo 2 USB Converter AD/DA

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Two-channel converter with innovative features and control. USB card preinstalled

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Lynx Hilo 2 USB, two Channel Converter with LT-USB card included!

When Lynx launched the Hilo, the unit brought a completely new design of the analog stages and converter topology, and Hilo broke new ground in terms of lowering distortion and noise while maintaining transparency for A/D and D/A conversion. Beyond that, Hilo offered extensive I/O capabilities and used the latest FPGA technology with vast resources for control, routing, and signal processing capabilities as well as diagnostic and analysis tools for the unit. The LCD touch screen was a natural interface for those functions.
Lynx Hilo’s unique I/O and signal routing capabilities work well in recording, mixing, and mastering applications. In addition to the primary analog Line In and Line Out connections, Hilo provides Monitor and Headphone outputs. Digital outputs include USB, Thunderbolt 3 or DANTE, AES/EBU, S/PDIF coax, S/PDIF optical, and ADAT. To top it off, each output is fed by an independent mix of all input sources courtesy of the 32-channel internal mixer.

In total, Lynx Hilo has 12 total inputs, 16 total outputs plus 32 channels possible via its LSlot port. The unit’s FPGA powers its internal 32 channel mixer, which allows Hilo to offer the most versatile I/O and routing in the two channel converter genre. This was just the beginning of the innovation.
It is impossible to compare Hilo to other two channel AD and DA converters. Basically, Hilo has been replacing three different, critical components:

  1. Hilo is an analog to digital converter
  2. It is also a digital to analog converter. With most companies, at this level of performance, these are usually two separate units.
  3. It is an independent headphone amplifier. The headphone section has its own, dedicated D/A converter.

Now Lynx went a step further and introduced the Hilo 2

Features (as the original Hilo):

  • Hilo is a 3 in one unit – AD converter, DA converter and Headphone with its own dedicated D/A converter.
  • There are three unique sets of analog outputs: main analog output, monitor output (with volume) and headphone output (with volume)
  • The flexible digital I/O section offers the choice of AES/EBU, SPDIF by coax or TOSLINK optical, or ADAT formats
  • The innovative design of the analog stage and converter topology allow ultra low noise and distortion specifications
  • A 480 x 272 pixel LCD touch screen for operation and monitoring
  • A 32 channel internal mixer in the updatable FPGA
  • 12 total inputs, 16 total outputs plus 32 channels possible via LSlot. (LT-USB, LT-TB or LT-DANTE)
  • LT-USB included
  • AC powered with Battery operation available
  • Open ended software for future measurement, metering, diagnostic and personalization features using the touch screen LCD.
  • Optional accessories: Rack for two units

New features on Lynx Hilo 2 USB:

  • The new Hilo 2 has better and more transparent performance with even lower distortion (figures to follw soon).
  • The new SynchroLock 2 offers faster locking and better tracking of external clocks and 7ppm absolute accuracy.
  • The Hilo 2 also offers an upgraded in-plane switching LCD, with a capacitive touch panel that provides a significant increase in brightness, uniform off-axis viewing, and improved touch responsiveness.
  • Hilo 2 also provides an upgrade path to high sample rates above 192kHz and DSD on input and output, and offers selectable linear and minimum phase filters on its line I/O.

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