Barefoot Footprint 03, 3-Way Active Monitors

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3-way active monitor with MEME Voice Emulation. Woofers 6,5″

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The Barefoot Footprint 03 is a 3-way active studio monitor pair equipped with newly designed drivers and reimagined DSP. The introduction of SPOC™ (Spectrally Optimized Conversion) technology and a groundbreaking Digital Signal Processor (DSP) further elevate the audio experience, providing higher resolution, reduced latency, and optimized frequency response for audiophiles and professionals alike. Barefoot’s MEME™ Technology adds another layer of versatility, allowing seamless integration into various applications, making the Footprint03 a true powerhouse in studio monitoring in a small package.

Along with these new specs, the Footprint03 also includes the same specially designed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) found in previous models. With near-imperceptible latency, the DSP instantly processes every sonic detail in your signal with accuracy, full dynamics, and no unwanted distortion.

Barefoot Footprint 03 Specifications:

  • Price per pair
  • Barefoot Sound’s smallest offering yet
  • 3-way architecture spans a 1-inch dual radiator tweeter, a 3.5-inch aluminum-cone midrange driver, and a 6.5-inch aluminum cone subwoofer
  • Damped side-firing port reduces noise and improves transient response
  • Reproduces an ultra-wide frequency range
  • All-new DSP optimizes performance
  • Patented SPectrally Optimized Conversion (SPOC) technology uses two conversion channels to ensure full-resolution sound
  • MEME technology gives you 4 speaker voice models for easy secondary reference
  • Includes rear VESA mounts for immersive audio setups
  • Built-in limiters protect your drivers from damage
  • Dimensions 13.25″ H x 9″ W x 9.25″ D
  • Manual here



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