KickTone Microphone for Bass Drum

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Full-range, Sub-style Kick Drum Microphone

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The KickTone Microphone is a breakthrough in the design of dynamic mics dedicated to capturing the full spectrum of sound naturally produced in the resonant chamber of a bass drum. It is built around a specially manufactured hemp diaphragm that’s both stiff and light weight, providing excellent damping characteristics. There is a second, co-axial dynamic structure to pick up the higher-frequency transients that give a bass drum its snap. The result is a punchy, well-defined sound that instantly grabs a listener’s attention.

Other bass drum microphones on the market today have design goals similar to KickTone’s, but suffer from one or more issues. Such as: large size and heavy weight (making them unstable on a mic stand), high cost, and worst of all, they lack the full, round sound that drummers and sound engineers crave. This is why the KickTone team created a radically new and different design concept.

The KickTone mic can be mounted in two ways:

  • Mount it on a standard microphone stand
  • Attach it directly to a bass drum’s resonant head with a proprietary slide bracket, supplied with each mic, that quick-connects it to any KickPort.

KickTone Microphone Features:

  • Takes the concept of a reverse-speaker kick drum microphone to a whole new level
  • Second coaxial dynamic structure produces an expansive 20Hz–10kHz frequency response
  • Custom-manufactured hemp diaphragm is rigid, lightweight, and exhibits outstanding damping characteristics
  • Mounts directly to a kick drum’s resonant head, onto a KickPort, or on a standard mic stand
  • Swivels a full 360° and locks down for ultra-precise positioning
  • High-quality Neutrik XLR output connector provides maximum reliability
  • Hearty 175dB max SPL withstands super-loud sound sources
  • Weighs a mere 2.2 lbs.


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