Buso Audio Producer 61 Studio Workstation

Workstation for study. With the 2x6U racks at a slight angle it will not get in your way during a long day.

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The Buso Audio Producer 61 will provide the best ergonomics during a long day. Featuring an 61-key adjustable, removable keyboard tray, a split-level desktop and a comfortable angle of 2x6U racks the Producer 61 is perfect for audio professionals in need of real estate for tabletop and rack gear. The additional Rack Kit expands outboard storage capabilities even further. Available in multiple colours and with beautiful handmade trims the Producer 61 is perfect for every day in the studio.

Take advantage of the large, split-level desktop space specifically designed for ultra-wide or multiple screens. Keep your rack gear at arm’s reach.

Buso Audio Producer 61 Features:

  • 2x6u angled rack space (expandable by 2x14U with Rack Kit)
  • Adjustable, removable keyboard tray (110x35x8-15cm)
  • Split-level desktop space perfect for table top devices
  • Steel reinforced frame ensures rock solid construction
  • Angled design for best ergonomics
  • Easy assembly
  • Rack nuts pre-installed
  • Width: 201 cm
  • Total height: 89 cm
  • Desktop height: 74 or 79 cm
  • Deepth: 104 cm
  • Colours: Black/beech, black/cherry, black/black, white/beech & white/white
  • Heavy-duty Rails Optional: Recommended for large and heavy keyboards. Maximum load up to 120Kg.
  • Assembly Manual here


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Weight 10 kg

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