Laney CUB12R Combo Amp

Tube Combo Amplifier. 15 watts to less than 1 watt

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Designed and engineered in Great Britain, the Laney CUB12R delivers pure, vintage tube tone in a small format, low wattage combo providing classic vintage sounds without complicated control layouts or excessive volume levels. From 15 watts to less than 1 watt the CUB12R delivers warm cleans to rich crunch, giving all the classic tones you need. Ideal for beginner or the more advanced player the CUB12R is great at home, on stage or in the studio. Great tube tone has never been more accessible. Mint with original box.

Laney CUB12R Features:

  • Extension speaker socket
  • FS1-MINI sold as accessory
  • On-board reverb for a bigger than life sound
  • Loaded with EL84 Power tubes


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