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Get Free Micros, Bitwig Studio and a lot of EFFECTS.
Offer available until January 31st

Lewitt Connect 6

Game-changing flexibility. With DSP & Control Center
USB-C connection to Windows y Mac.

The Legend Returns! Neumann M49V

Large diaphragm general purpose tube mic.
The M49 reissue, the legendary microphone from the 50’s/60’s

ATC SCS70 Pro // SCS70iW

New 12″ active swoofers.
Ideally to Stereo, multi-channel surround an Dolby Atmos.

Kahayan K1 - Krystal One

The new Kahayan range arrives.
5 preamp models from 500 Series up to 8 channels of 3U.

Acoustic Engineering, Newell Design

Leaders conditioning and soundproofing

Authorised Tech Service

In all our brands distributed

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Purchases over 300€ in Peninsula


We materialize your dreams…
with the best acoustics and design from the hands of:
*Philip Newell
*Julius Newell
*Reflexion Arts


Reflexion Arts new distribution brand


The most sought after monitors for studios

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