SSL SiX Ch 500 Series Channel Strip

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Classic SSL analogue processing in 500-Series format

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The SSL SiX Ch is a single-width 500 Series channel strip using the SuperAnalogueTM channel processing features from SSL’s SiX console including the Mic-pre, low and high frequency EQ, as well as the single knob compressor. On top of that, the SiX Channel contains all the functionality you would expect from a workhorse channel strip, including 48V phantom power, a fixed highpass filter at 75Hz for eliminating unwanted low-frequency noise, a polarity switch, a front-panel line/instrument input, and a colorful 5-segment LED output signal meter. Upgrade your front end with this powerful, value-packed 500-series channel strip from Solid State Logic.

The EQ and compressor sections of the SiX Channel draw inspiration from legendary SSL designs. Based on the classic E series EQ, the SiX Channel’s gentle, broad-stroke 2-band EQ (3.5kHz high shelving/60Hz low shelving) is just the thing for shaping the bottom end and top end of a signal to add thump, increase clarity, tame harshness, and myriad other applications. When switched into bell mode, the frequency centers of the bands change to 5kHz and 200Hz, providing even more tone shaping flexibility. The 1-knob channel compressor is deceptively simple; yet, if you’re like us at Sweetwater, you may find that it’s all you need for a tracking compressor. Thoughtfully selected fixed attack, release, and ratio settings hit the sweet spot on many sources, and automatic make-up gain keeps your signal level robust regardless of how hard you’re digging in with the compressor.

SSL SiX Ch Features

  • 500 Series Module
  • SSL SuperAnalogueTM  mic pre
  • +48V phantom power
  • Phase invert switch
  • 5 segment LED meter in dBu
  • Switched 12 dB/oct, 75 Hz High Pass Filter (HPF)
  • Classic SSL HF and LF EQ
  • Switch from shelf to bell curve
  • Single knob Channel Compressor with variable Threshold.
  • Front Panel TRS Line Input with 1MΩ Hi-Z switch.
  • Dedicated output Trim
  • Manual here

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