BAE 10DCF WPS Compressor / Limiter

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Compressor / Limiter with filter. With PSU

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The BAE 10DCF WPS, which builds on the capabilities of the 10DC compressor/limiter, features Carnhill and Jensen transformers, all discrete circuitry while adding a brand new, inductor-based bypass filter.

The 10DCF is hand assembled in California using only premium grade analogue components.

BAE 10DCF WPS Features:

  • Discrete Class A transformer-coupled circuit throughout.
  • Fully independent Compressor and Limiter for separate audio dynamics control.
  • Intuitive layout with illuminated meter showing gain reduction.
  • High quality stepped Elma® switches for dialing accuracy and repeatability.
  • True bypass even when the unit is off.
  • Same remote power supply as used on other 24VDC BAE units. One power supply can run two units.
  • With PSU
  • Also available in stereo pair

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