Empirical Labs EL-DS DerrEsser

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API 500 Series Module-format De-Esser. Vertical & Horizontal Available

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The Empirical Labs EL-DS DerrEsser brings multi-function dynamic filtering to the API 500 series module format. At its most basic, the DerrEsser is an effective de-esser. Employing a unique crossover technique the DerrEsser uses its Voltage Controlled Amp to reduce the volume of high or harsh high frequencies while maintaining musicality.

Set your threshold, pick the frequency you want to control, and you’re pretty much up and running. Of course, there are a variety of functions available depending on the settings, so plug in and see what DerrEsser can do for your vocals!


Empirical Labs EL-DS DerrEsser Features:

  • Freq. Response is 3 Hz to 120 kHz (-3dB points).
  • Dynamic Range – 115 dB from maximum output (.5%THD soft clipping) to minimum output. Transformerless noise floor typically – 93dBu.
  • Distortion Ranges between .0035% and .01% depending on mode and settings.
  • DC coupled Input and Outputs
  • High quality audio caps used internally.
  • Input Balanced, Output single ended but with balanced impedance.
  • Pin 2 hot
  • Input Impedance is 20k Ohm. Output impedance is less than 51 ohms.
  • D-S Dynamics Time Constants – Attack time is less than 1mS. Release .04 sec, fixed internally.
  • Power Consumption – 8 Watts max. 4 Watts Typical
  • Optional: EL500 Rack

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