Get a FREE BAE R53 Rack buying three 500 series modules. (Ends on january 31st, 2020)

BAE Audio Black Friday

Take advantage of this special offer of BAE Audio and make your own channel strip with the incredible vintage sound of the 60s and 70s. The purchase must include at least one EQ module and one compressor module, completing the pack with a third unit. The eligible modules for the promotion are:

  • BAE G10 500-Series 10-Band Graphic EQ
  • BAE 73EQL 500-Series EQ
  • BAE 500C 500-Series FET Compressor
  • BAE 73MPL 500-Series Mic Pre
  • BAE 312A 500-Series Mic Pre

Noticia BAE Audio Black Friday

BAE R53 Rack is a 19” horizontal format. It accommodates three BAE 500 series modules in a very simple and functional way. Two switches on the front panel allow the signal to be passed from one slot to the next, creating a custom cascade channel strip with all the power and color of the high-end BAE modules. The BAE Rack R53 is robust built with an iron chassis, shielded wiring, XLR inputs and outputs and built-in power supply.

Do not miss the opportunity to customize your own channel strip with three BAE 500 series modules and GET THE FREE BAE R53 RACK. All BAE Audio products are available on our WEB.

We have also available the BAE R53CS Rack Channel Strip including BAE 312A, BAE G10 and BAE 500C 500 series modules