Heritage Audio 8173 80-Series Preamp and EQ

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Mic and line preamp with 4-band equalizer. 80-Series module.

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The Heritage Audio 8173 is a 80-Series module with a mic preamp and 4-band EQ that features the mythical Neve 1073 preamp and the mid-frequency band of the Neve 1081. In this module we have a very powerful equalizer that, with its two mid-frequency bands, covers almost the entire sound spectrum and a preamp with the classic sound of the consoles of the 70s. In the design of the Heritage Audio 8173, special care has been taken in sourcing the correct components that ensure performance will be as close to a 1070s unit as it is possible nowadays. The 8173 makes a must-have for lovers of vintage sound a reality.


Heritage Audio 8173 Features

  • Mic and line preamp with 4-band equalizer. 80-Series module.
  • Combines the mythical Neve 1073 preamp and the mid frequency band of Neve 1066
  • Requires Heritage Audio’s RACK 2 or FRAME 8
  • Ideal for ribbon mics
  • Powerful 4-Band Equalizer
  • Mic input gain: 80 dB
  • Line input gain: 10 dB
  • Class A transformers
  • Baxandall type equalizer for treble and bass
  • Switches:
    • High Pass Filter: 50, 80 and 300 Hz (18 dB / octave)
    • EQL: To activate or deactivate the equalizer
    • PHASE: Phase inversion
    • Impedance selector on the rear panel of the module
  • Controls:
    • Input gain (in steps of 5 dB)
    • Treble: 10, 12 and 16 KHz
    • High Mids: From 1500 to 8200 Hz (fixed Q)
    • Mid Bass: From 220 to 1200 Hz (fixed Q)
    • Bass: 35, 60, 110 and 220 Hz
  • Each EQ control has an OFF step to disable the frequency band
  • NOT compatible with the 500 series Lunchbox


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