Heritage Audio FRAME 8 80-Series 8 slots rack

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8-slot rack for 80-Series modules

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The Heritage Audio FRAME 8 is designed to house 8 80-Series modules. The rack is handcrafted using the same components of Neve’s classic 80-Series consoles with rugged construction and the signature blue-gray color of Heritage Audio gear. Each channel has its own output control and phantom power. RACK2 is ready for linking up to 2 2264 compressors in 2 busses, or any other combination of 80-Series modules 1073, 1084,2264E, 6673 and 8173. The external power supply is able to power up to 4 Rack 2.


Heritage Audio FRAME 8 Features

  • 8-slot rack for 80-Series modules
  • Handmade with the same aluminum rails, guides and mechanical components of the Neve 80-series consoles
  • Designed for 80-Series modules (1073, 1084,2264E, 6673 and 8173)
  • NOT compatible with 500 Series modules
  • Independent output control for each channel
  • Phantom power switch (+48V) for each channel with indicator light
  • Ideal for housing Heritage Audio´s modules 6673 or 8173 
  • The aluminum rails and guides allow a perfect adjustment of the modules
  • 8 Mic and line inputs
  • Neutrix Gold XLR input and output connectors
  • Modules NOT included
  • External power supply included

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