At Reflexion Arts, we extended our furniture catalogue with the introduction of the new Reflexia Black Hole stands. The main feature of the stands, apart from its robustness and stability, is that through a hole on their upper base (the “Black Hole”), they can be easily filled with dry sand, without the inconvenience of having to remove and re-glue the base that supports the speakers.

Reflexia agujero

This easy access Hole that we added to the new Reflexia stands is flush mounted in such a way as not to cause any difficulty when placing the speakers. Made under request, depending on the size of the customer´s speakers, they are stable, built from high-density waterproof MDF, matt black lacquered and specially designed taking in consideration acoustic requirements.

Reflexia Black ambosThe stands are available, for now, in two main models: the AF, suitable for speakers like ATC SCM25, SCM45 or Focal SM9 and the LG model designed for Lepinsiki L-505A or Genelec 8040 speakers. Acoustically designed to avoid unwanted vibrations or reflections, both models guarantee an ideal listening position by maintaining the speaker’s acoustic center at the recommended height. For isolation between the Reflexia Black Hole and the structure of the room, rubber pads have been fitted to the lower base.

The Reflexia Black Hole, together with Reflexia Rackwell or Rackwell Duo Plus racks, make up a set of exclusive designs, extremely useful for recording, mixing or mastering studios. The furniture is delivered totally assembled and the customer only has to place them at the right spot in the room. Reflexia furniture provides an aesthetic touch that will make the difference with other studios. All Reflexia furniture is manufactured in Vigo with high quality materials under strict quality controls.