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Reflexia, the new furniture brand for recording studios and home studios manufactured by Reflexion Arts under initial design by Joules Newell.

Created in 2019, it aims at being a solution for many recording studios that, in addition to a beautiful aesthetic, look for furniture that does not affect the sound of the room.

Professionals in acoustics, for well over 20 years, we have gone through the smallest details to make sure that this furniture adapts to any space, avoiding resonances and, with carefull designed angles, allowing easy access to racked outboard gear.

Joules Newell designed the first rack, which we named RackWell (Rack + Newell), by request of one of our customers in Switzerland. Later, due to great demand from professional studios, new models are being introduced to meet the most varied needs.

All furniture is manufactured in Vigo (Spain) with high quality materials to ensure excellent stability and, above all, durability.

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