Rupert Neve 535 Diode Bridge Compressor

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500 Series Diode-Bridge Compressor with Stepped Controls, Onboard Parallel Processing, Sidechain Highpass Filter, and Stereo Linking

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Punchy, thick and versatile, the Rupert Neve 535 Diode Bridge Compressor captures the soul of Rupert Neve’s original 2254 compressor while providing modern updates including advanced timing control, significantly lower noise, fully stepped controls throughout, and internal parallel processing capabilities. Originally developed for the dynamics circuit of the acclaimed Shelford Channel, the 535 is outfitted with Rupert Neve Designs’ custom transformers and class-A output amplifiers, all tailor-made for the popular 500-series format.

Rupert Neve 535 Features:

  • 500 Series compressor based on Rupert Neve’s classic diode-bridge topologies
  • Updated, modern circuitry for state-of-the-art performance and increased versatility
  • Thick, punchy, and characterful signal enhancement
  • Slower TIMING settings produce more transparent-sounding results
  • BLEND control for onboard parallel compression
  • Sidechain highpass filter minimizes the negative influence of LF content
  • Stereo LINK switch utilizes the link buss built into many 500 Series chassis
  • Custom RND transformers and Class A output amplifiers
  • Stepped controls throughout for accuracy and repeatability
  • Precision LED level and gain-reduction meters
  • COMP IN switch for instant wet/dry comparison
  • Manual here
  • Not standalone — requires compatible 500 Series chassis (LunchBox R6 U & Rack R10 U)

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