Lynx LT-TB3, Thunderbolt 3 Expansion Card

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Thunderbolt L-slot Interface for or Lynx Hilo and Aurora Converters

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Lynx LT-TB3 expansion card for Thunderbolt 3, increases the Hilo and Aurora (n) converters direct connectivity options with devices that have a Thunderbolt 3 port without using adapters.

Lynx Studio takes advantage of the enormous possibilities offered by the Thunderbolt 3 protocol to develop the LT-TB3 expansion card and keep the Hilo and Aurora (n) interfaces within those preferred by the sound professionals. Faster and more stable connectivity, lower latency and broad bandwidth make it possible to work with 192 analog channels linking up to 6 units with a bi-directional speed of 40 Gbps. The Lynx LT-TB3 expansion card can be installed on any existing Hilo or Aurora (n) with a free and easy firmware update. The card is certified by Apple and Intel for use with Mac Os X and Windows and can be used with the Thunderbolt 1 and 2 protocols as long as it is used with the appropriate adapter (not provided by the manufacturer). This new expansion module is NOT compatible with the old “silver” Aurora models due to the size of the card.

Lynx Studio is committed to keeping up with the most current connection standards and continuing its long tradition of non-obsolescence.

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