Lambden Audio LA507 Toslink Interface

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Toslink S/PDIF – AES/EBU interface

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The Lambden Audio LA507 allows the simultaneous transfer of two channels of digital audio in either format in either direction. The unit converts between AES/EBU (XLR) and S/PDIF (TOSlink fibre optic) and all transfers are made without leaving the digital domain.

On the front face you’ll find an Input and Output for TOSlink fibre optic connections alongside the 9V power input for the included power supply, while on the back of the unit you’ll find an Input and Output for the AES/EBU (XLR) connectors.

The Lambden Audio LA507 showcases the high specification build constructed from die-cast aluminium it will no doubt survive the toughest of treatments for years to come. Whether that be in the recording studio or out on the road. Additionally features a small, compact footprint of 85 x 80 x 40mm, meaning it won’t take up too much room and can be quickly thrown into a gig bag.

The Lambden Audio LA507 will be ideally suited to applications where you want to extract audio from S/PDIF sources. It’s not just limited to CD players; DVD Players, Home Theatre Systems, Xbox/PlayStation consoles and anything else with S/PDIF outputs can be extracted from using the LA507.

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