Kahayan Selector 8×4 amp/speaker

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Amplifier/Speaker Selector. Connect 8 amplifiers to 4 speakers.

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The Kahayan Selector 8×4 Amplifier/Speaker is a system which allows you to connect 8 amplifiers to 4 speakers, providing the possibility of easily selecting combinations of amplifiers and speakers. Thus avoiding the loss of time and making day to day work easier and without quality loss in the signal path. New frontal panel.


  • 8 Amplifiers and 4 Speakers Selector
  • 1 Jack instrument input
  • 8 Jack instrument outputs to Amplifiers
  • 8 Jack charge imputs from Amplifiers
  • 4 Jack charge outputs to Speaker
  • Consumption: 5W.
  • Power Supply: 220/110V and 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 4,5Kg
  • Manual here
  • Also in MIDI version

Connect up to 8 amplifiers and 4 baffles with Kahayan Selector 8×4 !!!

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