MTR DC-8 Dual 8 way Power Supply

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8 way 9v DC power supply for keyboards, Dual Polarity

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For multi-keyboard players, teaching schools, etc., the MTR DC-8 Dual is a safe, solid and reliable British-made unit with eight 9v DC outputs for powering Yamaha or Casio keyboards. A current rating of 4.2 amps ensures there is ample power to drive big keyboard set-ups.

This unit comes factory-set to Yamaha polarity, but can easily be changed to suit Casio keyboards either by our warehouse prior to dispatch, or by the user.

A dual colour red/green led confirms the polarity setting.  Should a fault occur, an ‘overload’ led will illuminate, and a safety cut-out will shut down the unit: re-setting is automatic.  Includes eight x 3 metre DC-DC leads.

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