Heritage Audio Motorcity Equalizer Passive EQ

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7-Band Passive Equalizer

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The Heritage Audio Motorcity Equalizer is a passive 7-band equalizer based on the legendary Motown Studio EQ. The powerful and characteristic sound of the units created by engineer Michael Brauer is faithfully reproduced while respecting the original design. The Motorcity Equalizer is completely analog with passive circuitry and seven fixed frequency bands. Each frequency band uses 3 inductors and 3 capacitors made exclusively for Heritage Audio with the same materials and tolerance values as the originals. The result is a perfect recreation of the classic equalizers of the 60s.


Heritage Audio Motorcity Equalizer

  • 7-Band Passive Equalizer
  • Identical circuitry to the original Motown Studio EQ
  • Output amplifier with Carnhill transformer
  • Optimized input transformer
  • Provides a warm and powerful sound
  • Great for studios
  • Frequency Bands: 50, 130, 320, 800, 2000, 5000, 12500 Hz
  • Lever switch with In/Out/Off options for quick EQ comparison
  • Output gain control
  • Step controls to attenuate or emphasize up to 8 dB in 1 dB steps
  • XLR connector input and output
  • Uses 3 inductors and 3 capacitors for each frequency band
  • Very durable aluminum faceplate
  • External power supply

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