Empirical Labs EL7X Fatso Compressor

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Full analog tape simulator and optimizer with classic knee compression

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The Empirical Labs EL7X Fatso adds even more sonic goodness to the original Fatso analog tape simulator, one of the most popular “sweetening” processors we’ve used at Sweetwater. This version of the Fatso packs a new compressor model based on the classic Urei 1176LN, plus an improved interface, more stereo link functions, and cooler operating temperature. Whether you’re tracking drums, creating electronic music, or finalizing a full mix, you’ll soon be addicted to adding smooth analog saturation and compression to your tracks with the Empirical Labs Fatso EL7x analog tape simulator.

Empirical Labs EL7X Fatso Features:

  • A new ratio “Eleven”, which emulates a favorite classic compressor setting.
  • New Two Color Front Panel
  • Improved Logic
  • Separate TRACKING LED, more intuitive display.
  • Backwards stepping when a front panel button is held.
  • New extended stereo link functions. More choices of how to lock compressors.
  • Cooler running Logic Circuitry, resulting in an overall cooler operating temperature.
  • Improved overall noise floor, due to lower logic power consumption.
  • Manual here

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