Heritage Audio MCM20-4 Analog summing mixer

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20-channel analog summing mixer with subgroups and auxiliary sends

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The Heritage Audio MCM20-4 is a 20-channel analog summing mixer with an innovative subgrouping system designed to offer the same summing topology found on the legendary 80-series consoles. The MCM-20.4 employs a unique configuration, offering 16 input channels arranged into 2 subgroups of 8, plus 4 more channels hard wired left and right in pairs Each channel has balanced insert points that can be used as direct outputs for signal send. The optimized analog designs of the MCM summing mixers offer the clear and transparent sound of the classic 1073.


Heritage Audio MCM20-4 Features

  • 20-channel analog summing mixer with the topology of vintage 80-series consoles
  • Innovative 4-Subgroup stereo system and aux send
  • 20 input channels:
    • 16 arranged into 2 subgroups of 8 channels
    • 4 internally connected to the master configured in 2 stereo pairs
  • Auxiliary Sends (Pre/Post) for each front channel
    • Aux 1 and 2 Mono
    • Aux 3 Stereo
  • Active Subgroup Summing
  • Dual knobs with pan and volume control for each channel
  • Pan control has center step for better adjustment
  • ON and Insert switches
  • If the ON switch is not pressed, the channel is in MUTE mode.
  • Output for stereo mix and monitoring
  • 2 Master Insert Send and Return XLR
  • The insertion points can be Direct Outputs, very useful if we do not have a Patchbay
  • Stereo fader and balanced insert point on each subgroup
  • Analog VU
  • Connections:
    • SubD25 (Tascam Protocol): For inputs, sends and returns
    • XLR: Mix and monitor output
  • Dimensions: 4U
  • External power supply
  • User manual here.


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