BAE 1073 WPS Mic Pre/ EQ 3 bands

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19″ 1U Mic Pre / EQ with Power Supply

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The BAE 1073 WPS (formerly Brent Averill Enterprises) preamp yields a really fat sound. It seems to add subharmonics to the low end which makes the bottom end sound huge. It smoothes the top end, giving the highs a silky sheen. 

The BAE 1073 slightly compresses transients, as well.  It is a smooth, fat, larger than life sound.  An added bonus is to use the front-panel DI inputs to fatten samples and synths and instruments.  Balanced line-level inputs on the rear allow for fattening and punching up entire mixes, or in a signal chain with other +4 gear.

The BAE 1073 equalizer is very broad-banded and musical.

BAE 1073 WPS:

  • Made from an authentic reproduction of a Neve™* 1073 module
  • Hi-Z direct inputs on the front panel
  • 48v phantom power on the front panel
  • Balanced mic input, line input and balanced +4 output from XLR connectors on the rear of the module
  • One-year warranty
  • Output level control functions as fader when going straight to tape
  • Modules are mounted horizontally and take up only one rack unit each
  • Oversize power supply provides four times the current needed for optimum sound quality.
  • With PSU
  • Also available without PSU and in Stereo Pair

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