Audient ASP4816 Heritage Edition Console

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Compact Analogue Recording Console

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The Audient ASP4816 Heritage Edition provides the key features of a large format recording console in a compact, cost effective form. Designed by audio guru, David Dearden and featuring Audient’s legendary analog circuitry, ASP4816 is the perfect centre piece for production studios and educational facilities. The ASP4816-HE offers everything the Standard Edition has but with a few more tricks up its sleeve in the form of Vintage Mix Bus Processing, John Hardy Op Amps on the mix bus output, powerful new additions to the mix bus compressor and so much more.

News Heritage Edition:

  • Vintage Mix Bus: Add colour and shape your mixes.
  • Mix Bus Compressor: Tightens up your mixes and adds punch without destroying the lower frequencies.
  • Headphone amplifier: Possibility of attaching a foot switch for hands-free intercom.
  • All-metal output potentiometer
  • VU Meter: For measuring gain reduction in the compressor circuit.
  • Elegant design with dark ash wood armrests

With 48 channels, over 40 insert points, 8 sends and 8 groups available on mixdown the ASP4816-HE will handle the most comprehensive of mixing and tracking tasks. Featuring a real transformer alongside with Low Bump/High Lift EQ, inspired by the classic vintage mastering EQs, the ASP4816HE allows for wider and more spacious mix bus tones. The addition of the Vintage Mix Bus gives the user the flexibility to add that coveted analog colour to their mixes and, used together with the Mix Bus Compressor, both are the perfect tools to add the finishing touches to the mix.


Audient ASP4816 Heritage Edition Features:

  • 16 x Audient Mic Preamps
  • 40 Faders
  • 48 Inputs at mix
  • 16 x Record Buses
  • 42 x Inputs
  • 8 x Subgroups
  • 6 x Auxes, 2 x Cue Sends
  • In-line Architecture – twin inputs on each channel
  • 4 x Stereo Monitor Outputs
  • Advanced Monitor Control
  • 4 Band Splittable EQ
  • Stereo VCA Mix Bus Compressor
  • Vintage Mix Bus Processing
  • Gain Reduction VU Meter
  • Footswitch for Talkback Control
  • John Hardy 990 Opamps
  • Bus Compression Bass Expand
  • Monitoring Grade Headphone Output
  • Dimensions: 1090mm x 995mm x 335mm
  • Manual here
  • Optional Workstation: Buso Audient ASP4816 (workstation for the Audient ASP4816 with one or two racks)
  • More information in our Blog: Audient ASP4816-HE, the perfect touch in your mix


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