Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece

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24×2 Desktop Mixer

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The innovative Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece 24×2 desktop mixer brings the sound of Neve’s legendary 5088 analog console to your studio – in a very smart design. It’ll take your computer-based DAW productions to a new level of richness, clarity, and detail. Not only is it a fantastic summing mixer, Neve’s acclaimed Silk and Texture controls let you add the saturated sound of Neve’s custom transformers to your mixes.

The Silk circuit reduces the negative feedback on the output transformer, adding harmonic content as the Texture is increased. Silk Red mode adds a sparkle & sheen to your mixes by accentuating the saturation in the high mids and highs, while Silk Blue amplifies saturation in the lows and low mids to add unparalelled weight & punch.

With Silk engaged, the 5060’s distortion characteristics and harmonic content are very reminiscent of many of Rupert’s class-A vintage designs – but here, these characteristics are fully variable. These controls add an unparalleled range of tonal options to the 5060, and open up a whole new world of sonic exploration.

Factor in transport control over your DAW, and you’ll see that the Rupert Neve Designs 5060 Centerpiece desktop mixer is a smart addition to any sound-conscious studio.

Features Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece:

  • Analog summing mixer and DAW transport controller
  • Class A mix buss and custom transformers give you the sound of a respected Neve 5088 console
  • Mix channels 1-8 can be stereo or center-panned mono, and have mute switches and insert points
  • Mix channels 9-24 are stereo, with rotary faders for mixing
  • Stereo master buss has a transformer-coupled insert point
  • Silk Red and Silk Blue modes add rich harmonic content to your mix
  • Three monitor outputs for multiple speaker setups
  • High-quality headphone amp is loud and clear
  • Transport controls for your DAW software via MIDI or USB
  • Manual here


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